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    Fyre Foxe

    What is the actual temperature range I should be using? I followed instructions for W1209 that says “If your module has 8 options, set working temperature about 48°C”. My W1209 shows 48.3 degrees (but maybe mine is a bit different as I used a different more common diode, 1N4007 but voltage drop is only different by 0.1v so I think it should be similar), and temperature display shows 183. This is as hot as it will get. I can’t seem to get the strips of PET started through the nozzle – maybe this is too hot, or not hot enough? Not sure.

    Ondřej Šraitr

    Hi, if your thermometer shows only 186C its not enough to make filament. As I mentioned, almost every single bottle is little bit different. So it means wider temp working range. Working temperature is from 205 to 220. So try to increase your temperature little bit. Only make you sure, that you have tightly (correctly) atached your thermometer temp sensor to the heatblock


    Please tell me how to increase the temperature on the pentameter, I do not increase more than 140 degrees Celsius.


    Если температура не поднимается выше 140С,то у вас нагреватель на 24 вольта.


    this is out of the question, since I have 12 volts


    well, my first struggle was a temperature limit – it can not be run over 100 cels, but i solved it by changing the mode from heating to cooling (obviously it’s producer’s translation problem))). but going through it, i face the problem overheating – temp keep goin over 240 cels. any suggestions?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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