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diy pet filament petamentor attaching legs

The platform is the basis of this PET filament machine. It is simple and inexpensive to manufacture.

Wooden plate

I used a simple wall shelf and the dimensions are 130mm x 450mm x 18mm. (4.3inch x1 7.7inch x 0.63 inch) . The board used is chipboard, but you can also choose another material. It is important that the bolts hold firmly and do not come out under load.

petamentor wooden desk


You must print four legs, which are printed from PLA or PETG. I recommend a higher temperature (225 – 230 degrees Celsius) for higher platform strength. Attach the legs with wood screws that will not be longer than the thickness of the wood board.

diy pet filament petamentor attaching legs

Video tutorial

You can watch short video how to make complette Petamentor platform here:

5 thoughts on “Platform”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. May i change the size of platform by a lower one without consequence ?

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi, youre welcome 😉!
      What do you mean by “lower one”?
      If you want to make it bigger, yes, its possible. If you want to use thinner desk, it depends on the material. You need to have material that will not be bended by pulling the strip during the process, thats all. Hope it helps you 😉

      1. I m sorry my english isn’t very good. I mean, if it only do 35cm of length for example. And if the motor and heater are more close. Thanks ! 🙂

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