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petamentor puler tutorial

Puller is one of the main parts of Petamentor. It wounds final PET bottle filament onto a spool. All the projects I’ve seen on the internet have a puller made up of a 3D printing gearbox that includes bearings. I decided to use a 12 volt motor with its own metal gearbox. The motor has only seven revolutions per minute and has high torque. Therefore, it is necessary to print the part, which is mounted on the axis of the motor with 100% infill at this point, because there is a lot of pressure on this 3D printed part.

It is better to screw the motor bracket to the board and use metal washers. There is also more tension between the screw and the platform. All parts are very tight so you need to have a good leveled bed.

For a demonstration of the construction of this part, you can watch the video below. If something is not clear to you, go to the community discussion and if you do not find the answer, start a new topic.