How to make filament for 3d printer?

Here you will find complete informations to make 3d printer filament from plastic bottles with Petamentor.

Petamentor is simple and FREE DIY project, that can anyone make! All STL files are for free and all parts are available across the world wide (Aliexpress, Amazon).

Watch short video, how it works:

What can you do with Petamentor?

With Petamentor you can produce filament for 3D printer from old and used PET bottles. The process is very simple. Cut the old PET bottle into a thin strip using a cutter. Then pass this strip through the Hotend of Petamentor and let the spool wind the finished filament. It sounds very simple and it really is.

What about price of DIY PET filament machine?

The parts from which Petamentor is built are very simple and therefore cheap. The price of whole project could be under $50. It really depends on parts that you are buying and delivery cost.

How difficult is the build?

It’s not really difficult, thanks to MR3DP, who cames with the idea of using W1209 thermocontroller. It is important to know that creating your own filament is not as much a science as some claim. It is only a heat treatment of plastic strips from a PET bottle which only bends and joins. Personally, I could say that it is very difficult to do something wrong and not achieve good result on your 3D printer.

You can watch full tutorial series on youtube. You are able to do it yourself too. Here is full playlist:

What about quality result PET filament?

It depends on how good will be your Petamentor build. I’m personnaly very surprised with results of the PET filament and quality of final prints!