Official PET filament machine

Here you can find all you need to build your own machine. Have FUN!


Sourcing parts from:

Aliexpress and Amazon


You don’t need to be sklilled

no Arduino ,step by step tutorial


We have HUGE community

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PETamentor is an open source project designed to produce 3D printing filaments from recycled PET bottles. It consists of a motor, nozzle, heater and other components that can cut PET bottles into thin strips, which then become filament for 3D printing. The community is constantly developing and improving the project to make the process of creating filament from PET bottles easy, efficient and economical. For those who want to make filament from PET bottles, PETamentor is a recommended open source project developed specifically for this purpose. Many people already use it and it is a proven solution. However, those with programming and electronics experience may want to try developing their own solutions using Arduino and other components. For those with no experience, it is better to stick with PETamentor as it offers regular tutorials and a community to help with any issues. Building a PETamentor can be relatively simple with sufficient information and instructions available, but may require experience in manufacturing and working with electronics and mechanics. Some parts, such as the hot nozzle, require careful handling and experience working with high temperatures. It is also essential to have the right tools and materials for construction. In general, building a PETamentor is not a difficult process.

Why PETamentor

Simple concept that you will find fun! :-)))

Building PET bottle filament machine is a pain, but no worries, it’s only half of your success :-D. The second part is to transform your own filament into some nice, or functional shape. Its a journey, as you can see in our great Faceboook Community. But our community will not leave you without answears for your questions. We are enjoying good vibes together. So here are some rules that we are all respecting:

  • No hate ❤
  • No stealing ( it’s for free :-D)❤
  • Be kind to others ❤

Who invented a PETamentor?

My name is Ondřej Šraitr and I’m not original inventor. The idea of transforming PET bottles into a filament is pretty old. In 2021 I was started my 3D printing expirience with my first 3D printer and I discovered an ocean of informations about 3D printing settings and upgrades. I foud a YouTube channel of MR3DP with PET filament making machine and tutorial. So this idea with using of W1209 controller is from MR3DP. I was the one who bringed some nice design and tutorial. It’s more than fair to bring credits to MR3DP. THANK YOU SIR!


Calibration Cube



Gear Wheel



Mr Frogy


Ondřej Šraitr

Vase in Vase Mode



Cola Bottle



Gear Wheel